Upgrading sheets?

Hi everyone,

Long time Tiller user here – I started in December 2016! About 90% of my use is in the Budget template I created in June 2017. I now have a ton of categorized data there. Also have a Net Worth sheet created same time period but it’s been a bit clunkier to use due to my adding manual accounts. I use on Google Sheets and really the only add-ons I take advantage of are the Tiller Splitter and AutoCat.

My questions are:

  1. Are there any really interesting or upgraded templates I should try out?
  2. If yes, can I use that sheet and import all of the past data from my Budget spreadsheet so I’m not recreating thousands of lines of data or starting from scratch as a go-forward?



:wave:, @bgraybow!

We have recently re-worked the Net Worth Tracker so it should perform a bit better, and changed a lot of how Tiller works including accessing templates, and feeding data. There is no need to migrate or transition, but if you want to experiment before deciding to transition I’ve attached a few resources.

You can find the templates in the new Tiller Labs add-on and just experiment with what’s possible before deciding to switch.