Creating new spreadsheet for each year?

Hi all, I’ve been using Tiller for a little over a year, and the spreadsheet is getting pretty slow/bogged down because there’s so much data in it. I was wondering whether there was a way to make it so that each year was separated out into its own spreadsheet? I saw the migration help docs, but it looks like it’s for migrating everything on the sheet, I didn’t see a way to specify a time frame.

Alternatively, a way to speed up the spreadsheet would also be awesome, lol.


I like doing one sheet per year, especially since my budget amounts and income can vary slightly so I prefer starting with a clean slate.

You just have to create a new spreadsheet and link your accounts, then delete any data from the spreadsheet that’s not in the date range you want to see. You can then eventually archive the older sheet so it’s no longer connected to Tiller but still accessible for you.

I know you said you saw migration docs, have you seen this guide? In the past we’ve hosted a webinar at the end of the year that goes over setting up your sheet for a new year. This guide has those webinars along with more tips.

I choose to keep two years of transactions because the budget planning template analyzes last year’s data. I would archive data before that.

I’m in the same camp as @isussman1228. I have 20+ years of data in my spreadsheet. While it does slow down performance somewhat, I’m grateful for the extended history.

If you are concerned about performance, I’d delete extraneous unused templates (you can always re-install them) before wiping historic data.