New template or change old?

I’ve been using Tiller since 2020 and I now want to change few things (for example categories). Should I start with a new template in 2024 or should I try and change the old one?

I feel starting with a new template would be easier and clean. Thoughts?

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I’m going to be watching this because I kind of have the same question.

My accounts list is a gynormous unholy mess of old and renamed accounts. Any time I need an account drop down, it’s just not even practical to do. And my categories wouldn’t be offended by an update either.

BUT I hate the idea of losing - all those years of comparison data. But, now I’m thinking clean, lean and mean might be worth it.

Great quesion!

I just started using Tiller, but have a similar concern as I track many accounts in my sheets. I would assume that at some point the sheer amount of data in the sheets will make loading and running reports quite cumbersome.

I’m curious whether that means moving to a new sheet, copy the existing sheets into a file that’s purely for archival and reporting purposes for those years, or …?

Fantastic question. Brand new yo Tiller, so hoping to get some guidance, too.

Since Tiller released the new foundation template, I’m going to start fresh…but at the beginning of 2024. I like this article on getting my budget ready for the new year. Some things I adopted:

  • I always keep one year of prior transactions to take advantage of some of the community solutions that are out there for period comparisons.
  • For the closed year, I also download the transactions as its own CSV for safe measure. I can indulge my data hoarder instincts with many years of data…without bogging down my active tiller file.
  • If categories have changed from year to year but you want apples to apples, create a vlookup list. Example: “Groceries - His” and “Groceries - Hers”
    maps to “Groceries”
    (see Heather’s correction below. Definitely update categories in your active file per her suggestions).
  • Toyed with the idea of aggregating a copy of transactions only to the granularity I care to analyze if I want 3+ years. For instance, month/year but not the exact date of the transactions.
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@arash.sayadi This article has some good ideas about data volume.

@gauravtechie - this is really your call.

If you want to re-build your categories list it might be easier to start fresh, though you can use “Find & Replace” in gSheets to find old instances of the Category and replace it.

It really just depends on whether you want to invest the time into starting fresh. I would say if you do start fresh in 2024, just clear out data prior to 2024 in your new sheet so there’s no worry about it not being categorized.

I personally like to start fresh every year and archive my sheets from the previous years.