Grab balance data only?

I would like Tiller to just grab the account balances from a couple places. Is that possible? My wife and I have a couple businesses and it would be nice to see their cash value updated with balances to contribute to our net worth in the balances tab. We both manage the daily transactions through other methods. I would hate to add all those transactions to the feed when all I really want is the account balances. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

You can manually add these amounts in the balance history tab and they will flow to the balances tab. You can add a new row to track changes weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. Blake

Are you wanting transactions from some accounts but not others or no transactions at all? If you adjust the transaction sheet (simply adding an extra column at the very top) it will not add transactions, but still add the balance history.

If you still want the transactions from some, you can use autocat to categorize everything from that account as a nonbudget category.

@Makinit1212 you can do this using the Tiller Money Feeds add-on too if you prefer not to copy/paste rows.

You’ll probably also want to vote for this feature request:

@Kathryn did you mean adding an extra row at the top of the Transactions sheet? In Excel or Google Sheets ? I didn’t think that method would work in Google Sheets as it expects the Date header to be in row 1 or it won’t fill the sheet at all.

Thank you everyone for the replies. I don’t think I have the exact solution I am looking for so let me be a little clearer.

I have a business that I would like to track it’s “cash on hand”. This would mean gathering the balances for the couple accounts that it has and having them show up under the Balances tab. I do not want the transactions. I don’t want them to show up under the Transactions tab (unless I can hide them) because it is in the hundreds every month. I also do not want to categorize them or have them show up in monthly and yearly reports. I simply just want to know how much cash is in the business accounts and have them contribute to Net Worth.

I understand I can add this manually, but I would really like it to happen automatically. I have 3 business accounts and my wife has 2. I would hate having to go in every week or so and update 5 balances. But perhaps there is no way to do this?

Thanks again for all your help.


It seems like you have three options.

  1. Manual entry as I mention above.
  2. Manual entry as Heather mentions above.
  3. Add the accounts like you do with your other accounts and then delete the transactions.

I am not sure how often you want your net worth updated. What if you update these accounts every quarter? That would be 20 entries per year. You could set everything up now in 15 minutes. Use zeros for future quarters. For every quarter in the future, you would just need to add 5 numbers. It is manual but easy and quick. Automation would be nice but how much time will you need to invest to get there? Way way more the 15 minutes.


Here’s a possibility:

Add the cash accounts and update normally. All transactions will download.

Set up AutoCat to categorize any transactions in these cash accounts as a Transfer. In this case, the AutoCat rule has a blank Description field, but names the cash account in the Account Contains field. Your cash transactions will now be excluded from budgets and reports. (caveat: I assume that AutoCat Rules accept a blank Description field, but I haven’t tested it.)

Turn on Filters for row 1 of your Transactions sheet. Use the Account column filter to exclude the cash accounts from the filtered view. Use this filtered view as your normal view.

Once set up, your cash transactions will be hidden and unreported, and balances will be current without any further actions.

@Blake I have a very entry level question about what your suggesting. When you say manual entry, does that mean to literally go to whatever account he wants the balance of, see what it is, then come over to his tiller spreadsheet and just type the value into a cell?
Sorry in advance if this is a dumb question, I’m not super advanced with this tool.

Yes that is right. Blake