Balance History and Accounts


I am wondering how do I input data into Balance History and Data. Is there a video that I can follow along. I am not sure what these templates are for and how to use them

You don’t input anything there. That updates balances when your accounts are refreshed automatically. I am guessing that you can use it for other formulas in other spreadsheets if needed. I use it to check that my accounts actually updated correctly.

Hi @Ayvasmommy You can insert additional columns to customize your sheet, but it requires that the headers in row 1 remain intact for the feed to work and that the tab is named “Balance History.”

You can edit any of the data in the Balance History sheet except the headers in row 1.

If you need to manually track an account’s balance you can manually add balance history records in sheets created after 8/26/2019.

Here is more on the Balance History Sheet

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