Balance History sheet no longer updating index column

The “Balance History” sheet is no longer updating the index column (as of 4/30/2021). As a result my Balances sheet is showing out of date data.

If I manually update the index field, the Balances sheet updates correctly. What can I do to get the index column to update automatically again?

Hi @rosalind.hartigan !

Thanks for sharing this here.

We have pushed a fix for this issue as of 12:53 PM EDT so your next update should include the index value again. If you’re using the historical entries by day (for older versions of the net worth sheet for example) you’ll want to manually update the index where it’s missing.

Please note if you’re reading this, only Feed Bot sheets (those created before August 26, 2019) use the Index column in Balance History so if you’re using the Tiller Money Feeds add-on to update your sheet or don’t see an index column in your Balance History sheet that’s why.