Year-to-Date Comparison - Excel


This is a template that exists within the Community Solutions add-on for Google Sheets, but there was no Excel version. With the blessing of the original creator @jono, here is an Excel version.

This Year to Date Comparison sheet provides budget versus actual analysis for the year to date period. The sheet is very simple and easy to use. It works for the current year.


  1. Download the Shared_Year-to-Date Workbook.
  2. Follow these instructions to copy the downloaded template into your Excel workbook and to connect the formula references to your local workbook data.


  1. Aggregate By: Options are Category or Group.

  2. Sort By: The report can be sorted by any of the columns.

  3. Sort Order: The report can be sorted A to Z or Z to A.

The sheet summarizes in your actual Transactions by Category and Group from the Transactions sheet for the year to date period.

The sheet works best if you are using a Categories sheet that includes budgets by month. The Foundation template includes this. If you don’t have a Categories sheet with budgets by month starting in Jan of this year, then you won’t have any YTD Budget data.

If a category or group doesn’t have an actual amount or a budget amount, it won’t appear in the report. Categories that are set to Hide won’t appear either.


If you find any issues, let me know!

Thanks for bringing this sheet to Excel @jpfieber !


Dude, you’re a spreadsheet machine. Great job.

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The Edit Links command is unavailable after copying the Year-to-date sheet so could not get it updated with the Tiller workbook.

I deliberately avoided creating any links/connections on this template, so you can skip the required step for changing them (as you’ve found, the ‘Edit Links’ button is greyed out since there’s nothing that can be edited). The formulas should find the data in your template as long as you have relatively normal Transactions and Categories sheets.

I expanded the grouping and changed the budget/categories starting dates and it works.

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Thanks for your work on this! Exactly what I was looking for.

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You continue to lead the charge to template parity, @jpfieber. So cool that you can turn a community request into a robust solution in just five days. Also really thoughtful of you to share credit with @jono, the creator of the Sheets version.

The Tiller team is excited to award you $300 as part of the Tiller Builder Rewards Program for building and documenting this template for the Tiller community.


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@jpfieber I can’t figure out how to update this for my new 2023 Tiller workbook. The dates are not picking up 2023 and therefore no data. Any suggestions on where it’s broke? Should I download again and add to my new 2023 workbook?

Expand the + above column I and change cell K15 to 2023 and you should be set!

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Thanks - that worked perfectly. Glad I asked you because I would not have figured that out on my own.

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Just installed this add-on. Thank you for building it. On the top right corner, is it possible to add a filter to filter out specific categories. One of my categories is Savings contributions which is not exactly an expense but it is shows up in the ‘Expense Actuals’