Year-to-Date Comparison - Excel


Your fix worked! Also, i figured out why it worked until November 2023. In November the Categories column went from Z (October) to AA (November) so that’s why the original =char function worked for 10 months then blew up in November!




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I LOVED this for my 2023 budget. Will it work for my 2024 budget?

Yes, expand the hidden columns (J-AE) and change the year in cell K15. I’ll update it now in the shared template so now downloads don’t have to change it.

I changed the value in K15 to 2024, however the formula for the end of the year miscalculates until the current year is 2024. For a quick fix of the end of year date, I added 365 to the K15 value. This resolves as of January 1 and the original formula will work.

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The name Super Hero fits – you are wonderful to change the download! Also, you were kind to reply so quickly. Thank you!!!