Year to Date Functionality

Has anyone developed a sheet that compares year-to-date budget vs expenses (rather than month-by-month am I over/under, looking at it from a YTD perspective)? It used to be a sheet in one of the pre-Foundation Template Tiller sheets and was hoping someone had already developed it.

I don’t think we have one already built like that.
Where would the budgets be stored?
Would they be created by month or for the full year?


We haven’t refreshed the YTD comparison sheet for use with the Foundation template yet.

You’re talking about this sheet, right @austinjbohn

@randy, this was in the “Tiller Monthly Budget” template - @jonorlin is familiar, probably a quick rebuild to use new format.

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m thinking of!

Awesome! We’re working on a refresh to work with the new Foundation template and will reference the URL to the new topic when available via Tiller Labs.

Sounds great. In the meantime, I added a column in my Yearly Budget for my “YTD Budget” and filled it in using the following formula:

This returns the sum of all the dollar values in my Categories Sheet (i.e. my budget) for a particular category (A18, for example) for all months up until, and including, this month.

The refreshed Year To Date comparison sheet is ready to go.
Get it from the Tiller Labs add-on. More info here:

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