One report for YTD Income & Expense compared to Budget

How do I create a report showing YTD budget in one column and matching YTD Income and Expense in an adjoining column? Budgets and the P&L Statement have monthly but not YTD totals. I appreciate the Category Rollup Report for showing YTD Income and Expense but, would it be possible to add an adjacent column for YTD Budget category totals? Thanks for your always thoughtful help and suggestions. Larry

Hi @larry.cocarr,

Have you checked out the YTD Comparison sheet?

Yes. It is well done. Thank you. I found it the day after I posted that such a document was not available in Tiller.

One suggestions for your consideration though: Please add YTD inception and ending dates. Does this report currently automatically update and change dollar amount from the last day of this month compared to the first day of next month?

Please don’t feel you even need to answer this as I’ll find out and the end and beginning of this and next month. I’m merely pointing out that my first question on seeing the report for the first time was “for what period of time”.

Larry Carr


Hi @larry.cocarr
The sheet should automatically update at the start of a new month to include the budget for the new month.

The details if you are curious. It looks up the current year in J14. And then it figures out the range of months and their budget columns in I15 thru K16. That date range is used to filter the queries based on the formulas in O2 and dates in O4 and O5.

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