Year-to-date template the YTD Budget line isn't populating

On the Year-to-date template, the YTD budget line has $0 for all categories. How do I make it read my monthly budget?
I searched and while there is a similar question, there’s never an answer in that thread (from 2021) that works for what I’m asking.

Check the values in B4:B8 to make sure you have the correct year and sort information.

Does your Categories sheet have monthly values for January and February of this year?

It’s the correct year and it’s pulling in all of the other columns well (what I’m spending), just not the amount I budgeted.

If you look at your Categories sheet, is there data in Columns marked Jan 2024 and Feb 2024?

If you unhide the columns I-AL on the Year to Date sheet, are you seeing any error messages there?