Year to Date template + Savings Budget = Broken

Is there a way to fix the YTD template so it works when the Savings Budget sheet is installed? It appears the YTD template is attempting to reference Column E in the Categories Sheet. However, column E is not longer the start of the months in this sheet when the Savings Budget sheet is installed. That column becomes the value used to determine if a category is a Savings category. So when the YTD template attempts to query that value it doesn’t get what it wants. I verified this by deleting the current column E created by the Savings Budget sheet and all of the values in the YTD template populated correctly. Unfortunately my attempts to fix the references in the YTD template have not proven successful. Suggestions?

It shouldn’t matter if you add a column, the Year-To-Date template “looks up” the columns. Unhide the columns on the right side of the Year-To-Date template and check if the column letters listed in column K are correct, this will help determine if the template is doing what it’s supposed to…

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Thank for the reply… That was what I thought the behavior should be based on the formulas I was seeing, which was why I was confused. So the odd thing is after I undid the deletion of the column E that the Savings Budget created (thus putting it back and shifting everything over a column) the YTD sheet adjusted. So all appears to be good.

Thank you!