Savings & Debt Template Not Working after install?

I’m having an issue with the Savings & Debt Template - I cannot choose anything from the savings category drop down on the Savings and Debt Sheet even though I have 2 categories selected to be Savings on the Categories Sheet. I had just installed it and it seemed to work fine for a minute by allowing me to choose a category, but then I started to set up a budget for 2021 in the categories sheet so I changed the headers of the dates to 2021 and then the Savings and Debt Sheet quit working (or at least that seemed like the order of where things went awry). I also deleted the Savings and Debt sheet and reinstalled - it did not help.

Thanks for the help!

@kirsti.rehler, sorry for the delay here.

I’m not totally sure what went wrong there but if you re-install the Savings & Debt and set the Categories sheet back to 2020 dates does it then work?

If setting the budget range back to 2020 dates works, @randy might need to make sure it’s not too sensitive to a specific date range being set to the budget on the Categories sheet.