Savings & Debt Template Install Issue

I have searched for the issue I am having but can’t find anything. I watched the how to on youtube that was created in 2020…When I go to install the savings & debt sheet it tells me I can not because I already have a sheet named “saving” installed. I do have the savings one installed but I do not have “savings & debt”

Can you please advise?

This is confusing, @elysium269, sorry…

There appear to be two problems:

  1. What isn’t totally clear is that the Savings Budget is a dependency of the Savings & Debt template. So the add-on is telling you that you also need to install the Savings Budget template but that it can’t because another sheet already has that name.
  2. I don’t know how you got to this state but, though you have a sheet named “Savings Budget”, the add-on is not recognizing the sheet as THE Savings Budget.

Since there isn’t much data stored in the Savings Budget (dashboard). I’d recommend renaming this sheet to “Savings Budget (backup)” and then installing the Savings & Debt template. You can delete the backup once you’re satisfied everything is working properly.

Thank you for the clarification. I wound up creating a copy of the tiller sheet and tried deleting the savings budget to make sure it wouldn’t’ screw anything up. It didn’t. I have NO idea how I wound up in this state unless maybe I accidentally deleted the savings & debt at some point.

So you were able to get it to work, @elysium269?
You could probably go back and make the changes to the original spreadsheet (and delete the backup).

yes! thank you I was able to get it to work without losing any data.

Glad to hear it, @elysium269.