Savings and Debt won't connect to categories


With the new year, my Savings and Debt sheet stopped working. The “Savings Category” column doesn’t believe I have any valid categories (red flag with invalid on every row). My Categories sheet still has everything tracked as “Savings” that should be.

Any fixes?

This happened last year as well, but I thought I must have done something to cause it. I ended up restarting my entire Foundation Sheet and rebuilding. With it repeating, I’m realizing this must be more common and am really hoping there is an easy fix.

I’m on Google Sheets. I only use the Savings & Debt and Savings Budget community solutions.

Thank you.

Is it possible that you haven’t pulled down data yet for 2023 and the formulas are not handling the no-data state gracefully?

(You shouldn’t need to start over. Let’s chat before you do that… :wink: )

I just did a little digging on this, @Cam.
I think the problem stems from not having budget months for the new year.

Essentially, you need to add headers for the months of 2023 to the top of your Categories sheet. There are more detailed instructions here.

Let me know if this works.

Thank you so much for digging into this.

Adding the 2023 month columns to my Categories sheet fixed it! That was super easy and I so appreciate knowing what caused this and how to prevent it moving forward.

Thanks again.