Adding Category to Foundations & Savings Budget

This should be easy, but I am having trouble. I have been working with the Foundations Template and specifically using the Savings Budget for about a year. I am trying to add a new category to the mix. I can add the category to the Categories tab, no problem. Once I add a budget number to the category, it shows up in the Savings Budget just fine with the budget number there. Problem is it throws off all the savings values for all the Categories below it in the Savings Budget tab. For example, a Category that had $0 savings now show $700, which happens to be its total “budget amount” for the previous period(s) i.e. it appears the it is pulling the savings number from the total budgeted and not accounting for any transactions or adjustments. I matches either Column AK or AM in the Savings Budget tab when unhidden. (I can’t remember which, as I have undone the category add so I can keep moving for the month.)

Please help the novice with the easy fix.

It’s possible if you added the new category to the very top or bottom of the Categories sheet that the ranges other templates are grabbing was affected. You might try using Versions to go back to before you added the new category, then add a new row in the middle of your Categories list. You can then resort. This should help assure that the range other sheets look to is properly expanded to include the extra row.

Thanks for the advice, but no dice. Same result of all the categories below it on the Savings Budget tab are not reading properly.

We chatted through this offline, @matthew.fuller526, and it sounded like the issue was some custom formulas that pulled in budget values in the Categories sheet. Can you confirm a fix to those formulas resolved the issue?

Morning All,

Yes I was able to work through my budget and the fix was a couple of factors. When adding the new category it threw off a couple rows making things not line up and causing a custom formula to not reference the correct cells. I was able to get it all fixed this morning.

Thank you @randy for the help, especially when it was on my end and not the Template in any way. Always appreciate the quick responses in the community and the Tiller support.

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