Adjustments in Savings Budget not staying in category

I am rolling over amounts in certain categories from the previous year and making the adjustment in the savings column. I noticed that when a new row is added to the sheet the adjustments don’t move with the category and end up on a category that shouldn’t.

New rows were added today for income categories that don’t have a budget. How can I keep my adjustments to stick with their respective categories?


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When you say that new rows were added to the Savings Budget, can you be a bit more specific? The rows on the Savings Budget sheet feed from your Categories sheet. You don’t want to add rows directly to the Savings Budget. Just want to check first if that’s the issue.

The new rows were fed from the transaction sheet. My 401k deposit showed up and I split that into my contribution and my company contribution. It was then added to the Savings Budget tab, which added additional rows to the sheet and threw off my adjustments to other categories.

Hmm. Are the categories to which those transactions were assigned either Income, Expense, or Transfer? Even though Tiller allows you to create other types, it doesn’t really play very nicely with other types.

The categories that I have adjustments are Expenses.

Sorry, I’m kind of at a loss on this one. The categories on the Savings Budget correspond to the categories on the Categories sheet, and I’m not sure why the rows would be changing in the way you describe. I suspect something under the hood has somehow gotten out of whack, but I’m not enough of a spreadsheet expert to know how to diagnose that. You may need to touch base with customer service unless somebody else chimes in here.

Ok. Hopefully the person that developed the Savings Budget will see this and have some insight. Thanks anyway!

I think I understand what is happening, @sueroberts09… Are you saying that the you had staged some adjustments in column I and that new feeds data re-rendered B:H with new categories and rows and that the adjustments were then misaligned?

If that is the issue, the solution is to apply your adjustments using the sidebar workflow and not to leave them in a pending state (i.e. long enough for your feeds to update).

Most of our dashboards are either data visualizations (with no manually-entered data) or data tables (with not much formula-driven content). The Savings Budget is a bit of an anomaly merging these two concepts for an easy-to-use workspace… but the downside is that the formula-generated data and the manually-entered data can get out of sync if left for too long.

Sorry to not have a better solution.

I came here because I noticed today that a value I had placed in Adjust +/- in the Savings Budget was suddenly applied to the wrong row. I see the recommended advice, but which tool from the sidebar should I select that adjusts the savings budget for a category? I can’t seem to find the right one.

I think I see. You’re supposed to place the value in the Adjust +/- column and then perform an “Update Savings Budget.” It’ll apply that change to the category and remove it from the Adjust +/- column.

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Did any of these suggestions help? If so, please mark one as the solution.

I haven’t figured out a way to make them stick so I’ve had to manually fix them, which isn’t horrible but it does happen when a new row is added. I thought I was done adding categories but something new comes up and that is how a new row gets added. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

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Thanks @sueroberts09 - sounds like you’ve got your solution for now.