Savings Budget isn't tracking roll-over savings from May to June

Hi, I’m a new Tiller user and recently imported all my 2021 transactions. I officially launched a Savings Budget (from Labs) in May 2021. Now that we’re in June, I expected to see my real-world savings reflected under the “savings” column. Everything is zeroed out. I double-checked that “track” is set to “Savings” in the categories sheet. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: I figured out how to back up and restore a fresh version of the Savings Budget. This seems to have rattled whatever code was wonky back into place.

But now I’ve got another minor issue… Of my roughly 3 dozen categories tracked in my Savings Budget, three of them don’t automatically ripple changes to later months if I decide to make an edit to the Savings Budget. You can easily see this on the categories page, where a change to most categories dollar amount immediately ricochets through the end of year. On these pesky three, nothing happens beyond the current month being tweaked.

Any ideas?! Thanks much


Glad to hear you figured out the back-up and restore!

Regarding the categories that aren’t accumulating savings across months, are they all at the bottom of your list? It’s possible that you have a column formula in the hidden portion of the Savings Budget sheet that doesn’t extend far enough down. Any of the gray columns have a row-by-row formula that you can drag down to formula fill another 50/100/200+ rows as needed. In my experience this has been the cause of many confusing situations in the past.

I think @cculber2 may be onto something, @awhilliard77. There are always ultimately users with more categories than I tend to test when developing the templates.

Can you tell us more about the nature of the “edit” you are making? Tiller Money Labs sheets are meant to be editable and customizable, but, frankly, some kinds of edits will break the continuity of critical formulas in the hidden part of the sheets.

Another thing that can mess up the Savings Budget sheet is if somehow the Starting Period setting becomes un-set in N1.

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