Rollover in Savings Budget Sheet


I am new to Tiller and trying to set up the Savings Budget Sheet. From what I can tell, this is the newer version of the Envelope Budget. I have noticed in the sheet that SOME of my categories roll over to the next month but some do not.

In the Google Doc, it even says “Optionally enable rollovers for none/some/all categories” but I can’t figure out how I can enable or disable rollover? Thank you!

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It’s been a while since I set mine up, but in my ‘Categories’ sheet there is a column called ‘Track’ that has a dropdown for selecting ‘Savings’ or ‘Debt’. If I select ‘Savings’ for a category, it rolls over for me in the Savings Budget sheet, if it’s blank, then it doesn’t. If I recall, the ‘Debt’ option was for future use, not sure if it was ever implemented.


Did you have to add the "Track " column in your “Categories” sheet? Mine doesn’t seem like it has one…

The installation process creates that according to Docs: Savings Budget sheet - Google Sheets / Show & Tell - Tiller Community ( You may want to try ‘Restoring’ from the extension so the install process runs again, and hopefully creates the column for you.