Savings Budget: how do I deal with rollovers and category budgets for subsequent month?

Hi There - new here so if I missed the answer to this in the search I apologize! In the webinar, around 9:30, I see changes made to the savings worksheet are then reflected in the category sheet only for that month. When I make a change in the budget sheet it’s then changing the category sheet/budget for that month and every other one moving forward. I’m trying to figure out how to change a budget category for a month (say - i spent too much on eating out in January - true story) - I want to rollover money from another category for this month, and I want to track it in the categories budget in case it continues, but I actually want the amount for the next month (Feb) to be my originally budgeted amount, as I’m hoping to get back to that. Do I have to go back to the category sheet and change it back by hand for the next month? Thanks for the support! Love the customization and ease of the sheets!

The Categories sheet defaults with formulas that cascade the prior budget’s month forward for all budget period. When the Savings Budget script updates the current month, those Categories-sheet formulas persist it forward. If you overwrite your Categories-sheet budgets pasted “as values” that will wipe out those formulas and changes in the present month shouldn’t bump forward.