Recatagorize transactions from previous month (savings budget)

I may be missing something simple, and I hope I am, but I’ve run into an issue with the savings budget template.
Life got away from me and I didn’t keep up with my transaction categorization for a few weeks, then last week I caught up real quick and generated my October budget(weeks late I know). Fast forward to today when I realized that I miss-categorized a rather large transaction for last month. The problem is that now that I have corrected my error, the savings or rollover amount for October is incorrect for the two categories in question. The ‘Available’ shows correctly in September, but does not update in October. Is there any way to force the month budget to recalculate? Using the ‘Update Savings budget’, returns “No valid adjustments found.” because it presumably only looks at what is in the adjustments column and doesn’t actually mess with the month to month rollover.
Is there an easy way to do this or do I need to manually adjust both categories for the new month?

Everything the Savings Budget does is based on live information, so there’s no “recalculation” that can be done. The only things that the Savings Budget sheet can alter are the “Categories” sheet if you adjust “Budget”, or the “Budget Journal” sheet if you adjust “Savings”. Check both sheets to see if something there might be giving you the unexpected results.