Trouble with Savings Budget Template

I’m starting fresh with a new Tiller Account this year (using a different Google account, starting from scratch) and am setting up the Savings Budget template. I’m having two problems: 1) Rollover isn’t happening, and 2) I’m unable to adjust savings amounts.

For #1 above, I have Dec '22 data in my sheet and when I change the date to Jan '23, the new budget amounts appear in the budget and available columns, but available amounts from Dec '22 don’t rollover.

For #2 above, when I switch “Adjust +/- Modifies” toggle to Savings, the cells in the adjust column turn from green to white, and entering amounts in the cells do not impact anything in the row. Even if I use the “Update Savings Budget”

I have tried deleting and reinstalling the sheet. I have also tried starting from scratch again with a brand new Tiller Foundation Template…I still have the same problems. The Savings Budget sheet is working properly in my “old” account. Installed version is the same in both sheets, .75. Any ideas? Thank you…and Happy New Year everyone!

I figured it out. I didnt’ have the categories set to savings in the category sheet. All fixed!

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