Savings Budget template question - moving from YNAB

I’m having an issue with the Savings Budget template from Tiller Community Solutions.

Apologies if this is frowned upon, but created a new discussion thread to highlight the question for the Savings Budget folks.

I’m attempting to move over from several years on YNAB and have a number of savings goals and annual bills that I’ve been allocating funds monthly toward for some portion of the last year. These dollars sit in my savings account balance.

With attempting to move to Tiller in January, how do I setup the budget planner so that I can allocate some portion of the Savings account toward these categories and not have everything starting at zero? Attempting to do this manually for January (and having the Budget template take effect in February) is resulting in negative cashflow projections for the month.

Thanks in advance!

I would set the “Adjust ± Modifies” setting at the top to “Savings”. Then add the amount you’ve saved up in each category as a positive number. Then go to Extensions\Tiller Community Solutions\Tools\Update Savings Budget and it should add this amount to your “Savings” column for each category.

I too came from YNAB to Tiller and had the same issue. I could never make the numbers add up, especially when I was starting mid year and using transactions from Jan 1.
I’ll play around with jpfieber’s suggestion and see if I can make it work.
Ultimately, I wrote an entirely new spreadsheet that used Tiller Sync that accounted for goals in the same way that YNAB did. This is why I like Tiller so much. If you don’t like something, change it! (but you have to be able to figure out how sheets and Excel work!)
I am waiting for somebody to create a true Envelope budget for Excel like @richl has done for Sheets.

@jemmoa7 I am working on a few updates for 2023 and then I am planning to work on an excel version.

I look forward to checking them out!