How to use the savings budget while also accounting for monthly averages


I started using tiller in August and I love it. I am a CPA and previously used spreadsheets which would take me hours to update. However, I have been racking my brain (and searching everywhere on this site) trying to figure out a way to budget for the future that will actually work for me.

First off, I really like the savings budget template. I am in law school and don’t have a fixed income, so I like the ability to update budgets throughout the month depending on my income and monthly expenses. I also have transfer categories set up so that my monthly available funds roll over to the new month and everything zeros out at the end.

I am, however intrigued by the Budget Builder template. I like that it shows running averages which can give you an idea of what to budget for future. But, I don’t like that it doesn’t work with the savings budget template so I can’t automatically add to the budget mid-month when I have gone over in a certain category. Plus, I only have six months of expenses in the doc so it didn’t help much in terms of annual budgeting.

I wish that I could see prior months actuals or an average of prior months actuals on the savings budget tab. Right now I am estimating my budget on the categories tab, and then adjusting it using the savings budget tab throughout the month, but I feel like there should be a better way to see it all together. I realize that no template is going to be perfect, but does anyone have suggestions on what I could add that could allow me to update the savings budget while also comparing to prior months?

Thank you so much!!

I’m not expert enough in Google Sheets formulas to know how to do the following, but here’s an idea. What if the Categories sheet could be modified so that the following month’s budget is the average of the previous x number of months rather than the following month’s budget being simply copied from the previous month’s budget? Like I said, I’m not sure how to actually do this, but it doesn’t seem like it should be too difficult, though I don’t know if it would mess up any other functionality. I use the Savings Budget sheet as well, and I kind of like this idea as well if it could be implemented.