Category Not Showing on Monthly Budget

Hey everyone, just getting started with setting up Tiller and I have to say I’m loving it so far. One issue that’s relatively minor that I have run into is that my “savings” category is not populating on my monthly budget and I can’t tell if the money is being considered as budgeted or not for cash flow purposes.

Is there any way to force this category to show up? I want to be able to see that I’ve transferred money to my savings accounts and such each month so I know I’m staying on track for what I’m trying to achieve. Thanks!

One thing to check is if it’s flagged for Hidden on the Categories sheet. If you go to Categories, there should be a column called Hide From Reports, if it’s set to hidden, then transactions in that category will usually be hidden.
Also, I’d confirm that the transactions are set to the correct category.

Thanks for your reply! I did make sure to double-check that ‘hidden’ wasn’t selected on the categories screen. I don’t currently have any transactions in this category for this month, but I don’t think that would prevent it from showing up? I have other categories that have budgeted amounts like this one on the budget tab without any actual expenditure.

I agree that the category should be showing up. Is there any chance you added a new row for it at the top of the Categories sheet, @viceroy10 (i.e. it is in row 2 and you inserted an empty row for it)?

If you unhide the columns over on the right side (column J+) of the Monthly Budget, do you see the category listed in columns S and Z?

I guess I may have just entered a new row at the top. I do not see ‘savings’ as a category in the monthly budget sheet under S and Z like you mentioned.

I went ahead and deleted those lines and just made new ones at the bottom of the categories I had filled out. I also realized I had these labelled as ‘transfers’ so that may have also played a part in it not showing up. I changed it to ‘expense’ and they are now showing up just fine.

Thank you for your help @randy !