Why do my categories continue to have problems populating to the monthly budget?

When I add categories to the end of the list on my category tab they show up and work in the transactions tab, but they often do not populate to the monthly budget. This is on the Envelope template, but has also happened with Foundation template in the past. The cat, group, and sub group are all filled in and I am not inserting rows. Any ideas?

@Junebuggy I’ve had this happen once or twice. I believe it’s always been corrected by just closing and reopening the tab with the sheet in it. If doesn’t do it I’d try running Analyze Budgets History, then closing and reopening again.

I think it’s just a browser memory thing. I have too many categories and am slowing reducing them.

Thank you for your reply! I’ve run Analyze Budgets History many times to no avail. In some cases I found rows were hidden accidentally on the Monthly Budget tab (which hid the category from showing there), but I’m not seeing that this time.

What do you mean by closing and reopening the tab? I know how to switch between tabs at the bottom and hide, etc. But I don’t know what you mean by closing the tab. Do you mean the categories tab? Or do you maybe mean the entire sheet? I just closed the whole sheet fully and reopened but it’s still not showing. Thank you for the ideas!

@Junebuggy I was referring to the browser tab holding the entire sheet. Also, make sure that the sheet is showing rows beyond #100. The default Monthly Budget sheet hides more than that.

Thank you…it had 104 rows showing already and I clicked to add 1,000 more and the missing category showed up! But it was messed up. It didn’t have the right colors or formatting. Adjusting the budget amount didn’t work either. I did the “Restore Dashboard” and that fixed it. Thank you so much!!

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