Categories sheet stops auto-populating budgets in future months

I have 65 categories so far, but the budgeted amounts eventually stopped auto-populating to future months. Here is a an example:

Notice that after row 20, the auto-populating stops.

There is a similar issue from 2020, but none of the suggested fixes by either person work for me: Why do my categories continue to have problems populating to the monthly budget?

Does anyone have any ideas?

What is the formula in G21?
I assume the formula in G20 is “=F20”?

OH, you’re correct. I see what’s going on. I just need to extend the formulas.

I had thought that since this was an actual Google Sheets application, there were no formulas (only JavaScript running in the background).

Apparently that is mostly the case, but not on this particular sheet!

Thank you!

Actually, it’s about 50/50 - the template itself is driven entirely off formulas. The “application” piece is just the add-on filling data into the sheet and offering some other features the sheet can’t do itself.

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Within the spreadsheet, it’s mostly a standard spreadsheet with cell-based formulas in templates. The javascript runs only in the sidebar workflows.

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