Issue with categories summarizing on the monthly Budget and Yearly Budget tabs

I am having this issue where one group is showing up twice on the monthly and yearly budget tab, I also have one category that is formatted like a group. It isn’t changing the bottom line, but would like to fix. Has anyone dealt with this?

Three thoughts…

  1. Is it possible that the problematic group/category either has quotations or apostrophes in it?
  2. Is it possible that the category name is reused across Income and Expense or reused between categories and groups?
  3. Have you tried restoring your template using the add-on?

Another thought may be that one group/or category may have similar name with an extra space somewhere that doesnt show up instead of all uniform groups for those that are the same?

Thank you both for these thoughtful responses.

I did not try to restore my template, other than that I don’t believe these worked. See attached for a view of the issue. Both lines called “A | Fixed Expenses” are summing up to the same amounts even though one is in the middle of the section.

Seems like the issue is likely due to a group/category naming issue. Are you sure there are no duplicates within your Categories sheet?

Yes have double checked. I even hid the entire category and seems to happen to the next category as well when it gets shifted up to those rows (same thing on the yearly budget tab). Any other suggestions?

It’s highly likely that those two strings “A | Fixed Expenses” are slightly different. For example, one of them might have a space at the end. Can you check for stray characters and possibly copy a single version of that group name and apply it to all the categories that otherwise appear to use that same group name?