(New) Categories Sheet Not Updating

I just started using Tiller a few days ago and just got around to categorizing my transactions. After doing that for all of my 2021 transactions on my transactions sheet, my Categories Sheet still shows $0 for all Categories.

Can anyone help me figure out how to get the categories sheet to read the category labels I added to the transactions sheet?

The numbers you see in the Categories sheet aren’t totals of what you’ve spent. They are instead, numbers you add manually to estimate monthly budgets for that category (only useful if you want to create budgets). If you want to see what you’ve already spent, look into some of the budget sheets, like “Monthly Budget” (may already be part of your template, or can be added as one of the ‘Solutions’ available through the Tiller Money Labs add-on) which not only shows the numbers you’ve ‘budgeted’ in the Categories sheet, but also the money you’ve spent, based on the Categories you just assigned to your transactions.

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Thanks for the reply.

My Categories Sheet is currently showing $0.00 for all Categories despite me assigning the transactions on the Transactions sheet to different categories. I’m wondering why the data from the transactions sheet isn’t being applied to the Categories Sheet.

Try looking at your Monthly Budget sheet or Yearly Budget sheet, they should reflect some of the categorization you’ve done. You won’t see any automatic updates on the Categories sheet.

Thanks. That explains why I don’t see anything on the Categories Sheet.

There are lots of add-ons you can bring into your sheet. They are located in Tiller Labs. Try them out. If you don’t want one that you brought over, just delete it. You can bring it back over again if you change your mind.