Savings Budget set up correctly but every category showing up as a rollover

I set up a new sheet for every calendar year and, when setting up this new sheet for 2024, encountered an error I’ve never seen before. Despite my budget categories being set up appropriately, with the rollover categories set with “Savings” and the non-rollover categories empty (null) every category is showing as a “rollover” in the savings budget sheet. I’ve tried restoring the extension and it continues to show up as every category is a “rollover”. anybody ever encountered this or have ideas about how to fix it? I don’t want to spend the year subtracting or adding money to the non-rollover accounts to even things out.

Probably your starting date. “You need to set your “Starting Period” to the correct date. e.g. If you set it to 01/01/24 the amounts in the savings column will all be set to 0. Unhide columns to the right of column J. Change O2 to the date you want to use. I would suggest the current month and go forward. Re-hide the columns afterwards.”

It is set to the date I want to start (01/01/2024) as it’s the new year. that’s how I set up the 2023 budget. thank you for the suggestion, though! It was worth a shot

Hmm. That’s an odd one. Have you tried changing all of the categories to Savings and then changing them all back to null? I have no idea why that would work, but it seems like a “turn the power off and then on again” type of solution that sometimes magically work.

I hadn’t! But it didnt work… unfortunately. Thanks for the recommendation, though!

Every category is showing as a “rollover” in the savings budget sheet

Can you clarify what you mean by this? That every category has a (start) value for the month in the Savings column on the dashboard?