Year to date issue

Hi, my transactions and budget starts in april 2020 to date but the YTD sheet states:

" Budget-versus-actuals analysis Jan 2020 through May 2020"

It appears my “actuals” are accurate but my “YTD Budget” is not populating.

Any help?


You’re right. When you have a non-Jan start month for your 12 month budget, it doesn’t work.

I’ll pass this to the Labs team to see if we can modify it to work for the custom budget year start.


HI, think i found the issue. I expanded the hidden columns and see that the date formula was default to pull only January, so I simply changed the formula to pull April (month 4) which is my start date, eg. “=DATE(J15,4,1)”. The input field needs a way to match the transactions start date or just a simple “what is your start month”

Hi @nuye,
Yes, manually changing the formula in I16 to the date your want as the starting date should allow you to start the range at any month, not just the 1st of the year.

You should use the 1st day of the month in that formula so the budget columns are correctly identified.