2021 Actuals Not Appearing in Monthly & Yearly Budget

I have updated dates to 2021 however Monthly Budget and Yearly budget not picking up Actuals for January 2021. Note Yearly Budget is picking up actuals for Year to date data?

That is strange, @mpmoc1. Iā€™m not seeing that behavior in my personal sheet.

Can you check:

  • Do you have a Jan 2021 budget month setup in your Categories sheet?
  • In your Monthly Budget sheet, does cell K15 show ā€œ1/1/2021ā€?
  • Are you certain that the 2021 transactions in your Transactions sheet are dates (i.e. not text) in the Date column? (I sometimes check this by using the Format / Number option and using a different date format; if it does not change, the cell is being interpreted as text.)


Hi Randy,

I would like to save my 2020 budget categories or at least save the 2020 Yearly budget (budget vs. actual). I could still have a few 2020 transaction trickle in so would like to archive once complete actuals.

Then want to copy the 2020 budget categories to 2021. Thank you.