Monthly Budget Sheet stopped working

Hey there!
My monthly budget sheet suddenly stopped working. All my transactions are properly dated and correct on the transactions sheet and the budget sheet says that all transactions have been categorized, but the budget sheet says there are no actuals for this period.
I looked back at previous months on the budget sheet and all of the data there has been wiped clean.
All my other sheets seem to be working fine.
Any ideas on how I might fix this?

Hi @shantellekotowich…welcome back!

Sometimes when I have been experimenting with other time periods to look ahead or back I have had similar experiences that sound like this.

One thing to check is on your Categories Sheet, are the columns that appear blank assigned to the current year or a different year? I have other years on my Categories sheet that are experimental or not complete, and I often forget to bring the current years’ columns with data back into view.

Similarly, is the time period the Monthly Budget sheet is reporting 2021 or another time period that truly doesn’t have any actuals yet, like 2022?

Let me know.

Another option is to try and Restore the template using the Tiller Community Solutions add-on. If you use the Yearly Budget template you will need to restore that one as well (after) since they are interlinked.

Most likely you’re missing a header (row 1) in the Categories sheet for the word Category, Group, or Type or you’re missing a header (row 1) on the Transactions sheet for Category or Amount.

I am not getting any actual cash flows to my yearly or monthly tabs. This sounds like a similar problem to the OP. I have not done any experimenting (I am relatively new to the Tiller Sheets) with dates however the sheet was sitting for awhile set to the year 2020 empty. I have since set the dates to start at Jan 2021, checked that Category was at the top of the first column and that Group and Type were not missing from my Row 1 on the Categories Sheet. My Transactions Sheet I did make some changes to but it still contains Category and Amount in row 1.
So I’ve followed the Foundation Template FAQ link and it did not help…