Budget Sheet (or template) deleted, don't know how to reinstall

Somehow my budget sheet (or template) is no longer working. I deleted it and tried to reinstall. Can’t seem to figure out how.
I know this is remedial for most of you… help would be appreciated.

Go to add-ons, tiller money labs, open sidebar, add a solution. Does this work?

Hi Blake, followed your instructions. Cant thank you enough. Now I have the form but is blank. The data did not populate. What do I do?
Again, much appreciated,

I would reach out to support. Blake

@douglas there are a couple of things I’d check:

  1. Have you filled out your Categories sheet? Make sure that sheet is just named “Categories”
  2. Are your transactions categorized in the Transactions sheet? Make sure that sheet is just named “Transactions”

I know those are probably basic, but I’d start there.

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Hi Matt,
Thanks so much!!!
I’m sure I didnt change the name of those sheets but will check.
Much appreciated,

The suggestions by @Blake and @matt are spot on. I’d also check the selected date in the Monthly Budget dropdowns to ensure you’re querying a relevant period.

If the sheet broke recently you could consider using the Restore Version workflow in Google Sheets to get back to a functional state.

If all else fails, the Monthly Budget sheet is supported by the Customer Success team with your subscription.

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