Restoring the "Categories with Budget" Sheet

Hi Randy. How can I reset this “Categories with Budget” sheet? I messed it up and need to start over.

What is messed up? What would you like to fix, @bwentwor?

Most templates include a restore option in the add-ons. Unfortunately, the Categories sheet doesn’t offer such an option since most of its contents are manually entered data and would be wiped. This may best be handled with a manual repair.

I am slowly trying to untangle a mess that I created when I deleted the transactions on my Transactions sheet due to a duplication that occurred. I have fixed most things, but I don’t have a way to restore the Categories with Budget sheet. Any way to create a new one and migrate information? Many of my columns are showing the triangle in the upper right corner (but not all). Also, it’s negatively impacted my Yearly Budget spreadsheet, which is just showing 0 values at this point. Any suggestions?

One thing you could try is to delete the Categories, Monthly Budget & Yearly Budget sheets. Then use the Tiller Money Feeds add-on to install the Yearly Budget. Since the former two are dependencies, they will be installed as well.

You will need to implement the Category-column data validation (i.e. the dropdown) back into the Transactions sheet and will need to reinstall any other templates you have that depend on the Categories sheet.

Thank you! That is quite helpful. I am annoyed that I caused so many issues.