Accidentally removed/deleted the CATEGORY column on the Transaction sheet

Neither of us is aware of how this happened but it’s distressing because we use that information. Assume that the Foundation Template uses the Category column to input data in our Budget sheet.
Please tell me how to put the CATEGORY column back. Is the data that we’ve input all year lost?

You should be able to use the Version History (under the File menu) to go back to a time before the column was deleted.

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Thank you for that suggestion. It worked. Apparently our mistake happened just 2 days ago. Follow up question for you: can we run the Tiller Money Feed again to bring the data over from the bank or will we need to manually enter the transactions?

I’m pretty sure if you run the feed it will bring in anything missing since that time, but you should double check by comparing against your bank accounts just to be sure nothing was missed.

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