Foundation template got messed up and wont let me undo or see version history

I started using the foundation template and have a bunch of transactions categorized. Just today, i did a refresh, and I have a new column called hbo (?) which looks like the dollar amount column. I tried to undo and nothing happens when i click undo. I tried to look at version history and it will not let me see version history (either it is greyed out, or, after a refresh of the page I click it and nothing happens).

Adding that the new imported transactions do not have a dollar value column and add ons are greyed out, and i was getting a spinning “working” notice at the bottom and saving notice at the top.

Hi @joek,

Sounds like you might have overwrote your Amount column with the text “hbo” - I’d recommend re-adding the word “Amount” to that header. You’ll need to create a new sheet and load it with data to get those missing amounts. The add-on won’t pull in the missing data when you fix the Amount header, but it will fill it in for new data.

As for the version history and add-on being greyed out, I’m not sure but it would like your sheet is doing some work in the background and you may need to wait a few moments before it will let you do other stuff

thank you. The version history finally came back after a few hours and i was able to revert to 3 versions back to fix it. I still have no idea how hbo got written into the column title especially since i dont subscribe to hbo!

Further info on this: Today, when i opened my sheet from the main tiller page, it takes me to Chrome and I get this

After the message above, the sheet never loads. However, when i open the sheet from Firefox, it loads perfectly with no issues.

Any idea what is going on?

Hi @joek, I think you need to turn off offline syncing and that should fix it, should be from the File menu