Foundation Template

Does the template have a column called Balance ID on the Balance History tab?

I see “Balance” and I see “Account ID” but I do not see a “Balance ID” column on the “Balance History” sheet.

Based on what I understand, that might be a problem. I am asking about the template that a new user would pull. The fact you do not have it makes me wonder how many other people do not have it. I have it in my sheet but I set up another sheet the other day. The new sheet was glitchy a few times then the account page blew up. I troubleshooted the issue myself and got the sheet working again but that column was not present in the new sheet which I suspect might have been the root of the problem. The absence of that column affected some letters in the farthest hidden column to the right on the accounts page. I am good now but concerned if others could be affected. Cheers.

Problem is back. Any ideas. Picture is accounts tab. Thanks.

What would the “Balance ID” column contain and what would it be used for? Maybe this is part of a ‘Solution’ that you’ve installed but I haven’t? I did a search of this community and there are no other hits for “Balance ID”.

Here are the columns in a blank Foundation template:

Here’s the solutions I have installed, do you have any I don’t? I’m still thinking it’s related to a solution that added the column.

Well, guess my theory is blown. Doesn’t seem it’s related to a Solution. Hopefully someone else has some ideas!

Thanks. I am thinking of other things but will wait until I hear from others.