Foundation Template Account Balances Blank

I was attempitng to categorize my my account balances. Following direction on Tiller Labs. Unhide accounts worksheet. Copied assets to accounts worksheet so I could categorize. Data did not copy and now the balances tab is blank (must be pulling from the blank accounts tab). How do I restore my balances? Are there more detailed steps or a video on updating groupings and categories for my balances? Would like assets segregated by cash, investments and other (house, car, etc.). Thank you for your assistance.

Most likely the Balances sheet is broken because something that happened to the Accounts or Balances sheet broke the formulas. Did you change both? On the Accounts sheet, you should change only the green cells. Those function as overrides. Pick an account in column A and then you can apply a “Group” name to them that will group them as Investments, Cash, etc. If there is no group name (override) applied, it will show as an “Ungrouped Asset”.

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Hi Randy. I changed the accounts tab. It was blank so copied and pasted the names from the balances to the accounts tab. Nothing pasteded but there was an error message in one of the green cells. Now the balances tab has none of my data. I appreciate your quick response. Anything you can suggestto restore my balances tab?

I’d recommend restoring the Accounts sheet first and then the Balances Sheet with the Tiller Money Labs add-on using these steps as a guide.

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