"Balances" tab is borked - how do I restore functionality?

Hi All,

I’ve made some “improvements” to this tab over the past few months (mainly summarizing categories), but now it isn’t pulling all the data it should from the Accounts tab. I’d love to just restore it to where it was before - is that possible?


Try installing the Tiller Labs add-on and using using the Manage Solutions workflow to restore the version in your sheet.

Thanks - I have the add-on, but that tab doesn’t seem to be part of the Manage Solutions tool.

Maybe you have an old version, @TomWIN. I’d rename your Balances sheet to Balances Backup and see if you can find the Balances sheet in the Add Solution pane.

It says that “Accounts” will conflict with “Balances”. Should I rename that one too?

I’d try that. Maybe you have old versions of both. Sounds like you may have a pretty old spreadsheet.

I think we’re making progress, but not quite there yet. The new “Accounts” tab, which was installed along with Net Worth Tracker (the only way to get it in there) is blank. The dropdowns are empty as well. Any thoughts on how to get the accounts I’ve selected in TillerHQ central into this sheet?

Thanks again, Tom

Unhide the right side of the Accounts sheet. Do you see a list of accounts? If they are in the hidden area, they are being found properly in your Balance History. The left/unhidden side is purely optional. Accounts only need to be manually listed there if you want to override anything about them (or assign a group).


Thanks Randy - everything on that tab is completely blank.

Best, Tom

Everything in the hidden area? Can you scroll way over to the right and send me a screen shot of what you see in S1:T11? Should looks something like:

Hi @TomWIN if you’re still using a Feed Bot sheet you’ll want to make sure that the Account ID column is present in the Balance History sheet.

You can follow the steps in this guide to make sure it’s there and populated.

Also, if you’re unfamiliar with what a Feed Bot sheet is, here’s a quick guide.

Let me know if that doesn’t help.

That’s fantastic, Heather, everything from the feed is now showing in accounts.

Last question, I promise - how do I now enter manually-configured accounts such that they show up in my net worth, etc?

Best Regards, Tom

Can you see if the general steps in this article help. https://help.tillerhq.com/en/articles/3251091-adding-balances-for-manual-accounts, After following these steps the Net Worth may have an ungrouped account so you will have to do an extra step of reselecting the new manual account in the Accounts tab and updating the information on this tab. I hope this helps.

Thanks so much, Warren. It appears that I’m not using Tiller Money Feeds, so those steps don’t sync up with what I’m able to do on my end. Is converting from Feedbot worthwhile?

Best, Tom

I think it is worthwhile, @TomWIN. The future of our platform is Tiller Money Feeds. We still support long-time users (thanks for sticking with us!) with feedbot sheets, but eventually we will want everyone to migrate so they can take advantage of many platform improvements.

The basic steps are to create a new Tiller Money Feeds spreadsheet in the Console then use the very recently-updated Migration Helper (in Tiller Labs) to port your data (e.g. categorization) from your old (feedbot) spreadsheet.

Heather has written some support content on this.

Let me know if you have any question,

@TomWIN, I also put together this guide:


Let me know if you prefer not to transition at this time and want more info on adding manual balances to your existing Feed Bot sheet.