Balances sheet missing data

I added a manual account and then removed it. The Balances sheet is now missing all data (see screenshot).

Is there some way to recreate the Balances sheet?

I’m new to Tiller, so my question is probably basic. I did find the Tiller Labs > Manage Solutions > Restore Sheet option. No change.

My question is now… what is the recommended method for troubleshooting the Balances sheet when no data is displayed?

It would be helpful to know how you specifically deleted the manual account but one simple way to revert unintended changes is to click the “All changes saved in Drive” link next to the Help dropdown to view previous versions of your worksheet. You can view older versions of your worksheet before you deleted the manual account and then if you want to go back to using one of those older version, click the “Restore this version” button.


It is hard to diagnose when not knowing specifically every exact thing you did.

This help article might help. The Balances tab pulls directly from Balance History tab and Accounts tab. Focus on these two which are at the end of the article.



I struggled to delete the manual account and probably did something that I should not have done, which caused the sheet to break.

I tried “Restore this version” several times and Google Sheets failed to restore. I eventually made a copy of the version and appear to have a working version.

Thanks for your help!

Thanks for referring me to this very helpful article. I was looking for something like this. So many resources out there on Tiller that it’s sometimes difficult to find what I need.

Hi @sutch,

Sorry about the issues you ran into with the Balances sheet.

Alternative to restoring with the Google Sheets version history restore (which has a known bug with a workaround documented here, which is likely pretty much what you did) you can restore the Balances sheet using the Tiller Labs Add-on under Managed Solutions.

The Balances sheet is a visualization sheet that’s pulling data from Balance History so if you were editing Balance History to remove a manual account you might have broken the visualization by removing a column header it needs? Double check your Balance History sheet has a header key word at the top (row 1) of each column.

Let me know if you still need help.


Hi @heather

Thanks for suggesting this solution. I attempted to use Manage Solutions > Balances > Restore Sheet without success. After this process completes, is see a notification:

Sheet Updated
Your Balances sheet was successfully updated.

Yet the Balances sheet remains empty of my data. Any ideas on how to repair my original sheet?


Here are some of my thoughts:

  1. I was thinking you might have messed something up on the Balance History sheet so I thought you might try and restore that sheet but then I checked and it appears that you cannot restore that sheet.

  2. The Balances sheet is just a balance sheet. Why not use the Net Worth Snapshot sheet? It is basically a balance sheet too. You could use it on a temporary basis until you resolve your issues with the Balances sheet.

  3. Tiller allows you to have five sheets. Why not start from scratch with a brand new sheet? Keep your current sheet; just create a new sheet. You are a new user so I am thinking you might not have much time invested in that initial sheet. This should get you a good working Balances sheet which is really what you are after.



Hi @sutch,

The Balances sheet runs off the Accounts sheet so I’m wondering if that one needs to be restored via Tiller Labs too? Then, restore the Balances sheet again. Balances is “downstream” of Accounts so it will break the formulas in Balances after you restore Accounts.

Be sure to archive Accounts during the restore process if you’ve made any customizations like grouping or class overrides on the Accounts sheet.

Finally, the last thing I can think of is making sure the Account ID column in the Balance History sheet is a plain text column.

Accounts and Balance History are hidden sheets by default. Open the View menu at the top of the Google Sheet and choose Hidden Sheets to unhide them if they’re still hidden.

If none of that helps, reach out to and we can get you squared away there.