Balance Sheet Errors

Hi There. I have been trying to get the balances sheet to work properly. I have had various accounts connected to my foundation sheet and have removed them, but they still show up in the balances sheet as last updated 547 days ago. This also affects the asset and liabaility amount since those balances are getting added into the sheet. I have updated my connected accounts both from the tiller home page and the google sheet. I have also updated my Accounts sheet. The interesting thing is that the accounts sheet drop down for selecting accounts still shows these old disconnected accounts so somewhere its pull this account data. I have also tried to go into the hidden section of the balance sheet to delete the accounts in questions, but that doesn’t work.

Hi, They still show up because they are in the Balance History file. I usually go to the accounts sheet and set them to “Hide” so they won’t show up on the balances sheet. You could delete all the balance history for those accounts; but then your Networth lookback to other years would be inaccurate.

Hope that helps,

Thanks, hiding those accounts in the accounts tab fixed the problem.

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