Restoring templates

A couple of my tabs, I believe, are off and I would like to restore them.

  1. The Accounts tab is empty. Nothing shown. I don’t care that much about this, just not clear why it’s empty.
  2. The Balances tab is showing some older accounts that I found were never updating, so I just removed them from my Connected Accounts tab and added them as manual accounts. The old, defunct connected accounts are still showing as duplicates and their values are still reflected in my net worth numbers.

I have tried restoring both the Accounts and Balances tabs, and I get the same results.

I did go into the Balance History and followed the instructions here – this resulted in my Balances tab being completely empty so I used Undo to carefully back away.

Here’s the article I consulted: 2333215-how-can-i-remove-account-data-for-an-unlinked-or-closed-account

I believe the article you’re trying to reference is here

The balances tab should look at the accounts sheet in order to name the different types of accounts accordingly. Otherwise you’ll have everything listed as something like other uncategorized account. So you should try to get that fixed and it may help the other issue of disappearing balance sheet.

Excuse me if these steps arent all exactly correct I’m not at my computer now, on mobile rather. In order to restore you’ll need to go into the sidebar menu and manage templates it should give you the option for the base sheets from tiller and have a button to restore them along each one.

I would recommend making a copy prior to restoring as it will overwrite some things. (Just to be on the safe side.)

I apologize, i missed this line after the initial introduction.

Just to confirm to further assist with trouble shooting that the steps I outlined originally are what you did and are still receiving a blank accounts screen?

The green cells are where you select an account to be able to give it a group for better and more organized viewing on the net worth and balances sheet. Up at the top there should be a small arrow in the column header, when you click this does information in gray cells appear to the right?

The accounts tab also allows you to select an account and choose to hide it if the values are no longer relevant. This method would keep historical data rather than deleting it out. Which would be my preference, but i tend to hoard data.

Ok. I followed the instructions in the article again and I think I am good.

My item (1) was just me being confused about what the Accounts tab is for. I thought it would list my accounts, and it just looked empty. I never tried to click the green column. :sweat_smile:

Thank you

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