Connected accounts missing from Account tab’s list

When I recently logged into my spreadsheet and looked at the “Accounts” tab, two accounts showed as invalid (via the red triangle in the corner of the cell). The two accounts went missing from the dropdown list. One is a credit card and the other is an IRA, so not related to the same login. The IRA is one of many sub-accounts with data pulled under the same login, and all of the other sub-accounts show in the “account” tab’s list. I checked Money Feeds and their are no missing accounts or errors. The “transactions” tab and the “balances” tab show recent data for these, also.

How can I get these accounts back onto the list?

Hi April,

I’ve had that happen quite often. In my case its caused by having too many historical balance rows in the Balance History tab.

I used the Trim Balance History option to reduce the number of balance records I keep. Trimming them to 1 per week worked for me. I just run the Trim Balance History function and it cleans up the Accounts tab information. The Accounts tab is populated by a formula that reads in the Balance records and there is apparently a limit to how many Balance records it can handle.

You can also try the “Repair Balance History” option if trimming doesn’t resolve the issue.

Here’s a screenshot of how to find both methods from the Extensions option on your top menu bar:

Hope this is helpful,

It is - thank you! Any idea the max entries you can have before things start to disappear? I’m around 625 and the two accounts still show as missing.

I got it working - I deleted the Accounts tab of the spreadsheet and reinstalled it via the “templates” in the Money Feed. I had to rebuild from scratch but then it worked!