After running Repair Balance History Tool several accounts were deleted

As a part of the effort to customize an account name from the generic CREDIT CARD, I ran the Repair Balance History Tool. The result was 9 accounts were removed, 1 linked account and all but 1 manual account. I’ve rolled back to a pre tool run version, but am curious about what might have gone wrong.

The tool identified several Account ID Mismatches and some Inconsistent Account Data. All of the Account IDs are unique. The Account # for 2 of the accounts is identical due to the fact that the last 4 digits is all that is displayed. Both of these are linked accounts and it was one of them that was removed. None of the manual accounts have Account #s, and all but one of them was removed.

It looks to me like the tool is consolidating accounts where the Account # is identical even though the Account Id is unique. If that is the case I can add Account #s to the manual accounts and all will be good, but I can’t change the account # on the linked accounts.

Any help or insight is greatly appreciated!

@randy do you have some insights here.

I’m guessing that yes the fact that the manual accounts don’t have account numbers is causing some of these to get removed and adding an account number to those should resolve that, and I remember discussing that there is a chance a customer could have two different accounts with the same last four digits. I thought we included some check against the institution in there too as we felt that was highly unlikely (same last four from same institution).