SHOULD I Use the Repair Balance History Tool? (Newbie asks ...)

Tiller Helpers:

I have only about a week’s use of my Tiller Foundation Template that I have added Net Worth tracking and snapshot sheets to, as well as AutoCat. It all seems to be working well including the 2 manual accounts at play in the image below. (The Net Worth reports categorize and organizes things quite like I want them to.)

Today, I checked out the Repair Balance History Tool, and found the following scan results.

The “…Lane” account is my home, that I added using the Manual Balance tool (selected “Other” - not seeing Home or Real Estate as options) and then used the accounts tab to label this asset as “Home”. I update using the tool once I believe. The “Balloon Note” is a first and only entry for this asset using the Manual Balance tool (and then used the accounts tab to label this assets as “Investments”.) Hopefully, you can parse what all this means, but it appears to me the 2 separate assets have a common account id issue.

Since I am happy with how it all looks and reports, SHOULD I use the tool to clean up things? (Presumably, because in the long haul, this will be helpful and right now there is a small amount of data.) Or, am I asking for trouble and should I leave things well enough alone? :thinking:

I suppose I can save the Version History and try it. On a very first template run (not my current one), I think messing with this mucked things up a bit.


Thanks so very much for your help in advance.


It looks like you have some Account ID mismatches. Before proceeding with the repair, I would make sure the account ID column is unhidden and if you were to proceed with the merges would it be merging two different accounts into a single account ?

My Balance History is pretty short and it all looks matching to me:

Just 2 entries re home value (again the id’s match as shown in the Notepad copy) and 1 entry re ballon note. (I could send you a pic of Transaction History but Notepad is a copy of the ID fields on all 3 entries in Balance History - which again, came from Tiller Feeds Manual updating tool.)

Hmmm …