A few questions from a new guy from Mint

I’ve done a deep dive into Tiller and excited for all that awaits. I have a few questions:

In my Tiller Console I have renamed some of my accounts for greater simplicity and clarity, and only some of the changes made it to the Account sheet or Balances sheet on my Foundation Template. Any suggestions?

I created 2 custom income categories in the Categories sheet, and those categories are not coming up in my Transaction sheet as I go down the list manually assigning categories to the transactions. Any suggestions to resolve that?

Are there templates that provide a graph of total net worth or the total of a portion of my assets, say over a 1 year or a 5 year period?


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I’m new, too, but I can take a stab at your first question: patience. I’ve found it a little hard to determine when any name changes I make to accounts on the console will come through on my sheets, but they all seem eventually to do so. For my Fidelity accounts, for example, it appears that something might run overnight during which the name changes stick. If I refresh my Fidelity accounts as soon as I make a name change, the names don’t seem to change on my sheets, but they’ll show up the next day.

That’s very helpful! Thanks.

Patience is a good spiritual gift I could always use more of!

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My Transactions sheet is not updating. I have refreshed all my accounts on the Console. Something else I need to do?


Did you try to “Fill” your transaction sheet? When you open up the sheet in excel or google sheet there is an extension (Google Sheet) or add-in (Excel) that you will have to activate. The extension/add-in will then link back to your Tiller console and pull in any new transactions that have posted.

Please note - as a former Mint user myself this took me a bit to get used to - Tiller does not pull in “pending” transactions, which was something I grew accustomed too in Mint.

Here is a link to where you can find info on how to activate the extension/add-in.

Thanks for your help.

Pending transactions are not included? Holy cow. In this modern era to have a 2+ day delay on transactions posting is discouraging.

Any work arounds for this? Manually refreshing those account does not seem to make a difference.

If your goal is to have a real-time reflection of all pending and posted transactions: the answer to your work around question is no.

While this was initially a frustration point for me I can say that I now don’t have a problem with the delay.

With Mint I was habituated to be checking my balances and transaction spreadsheet daily or every-other-day. Tiller has habituated me to have a target day each week where I reconcile my transactions and monitor my spending trends. I think its a healthier relationship with my banking accounts.

I’ve set up push/email notifications with each financial institution I utilize to ensure I don’t get caught with fraud or stolen identity transactions.

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Hi @Dennis If you want to see pending data in your sheets, vote for the Pending Transactions feature request.

You’ll have to apply the new account name to the data that’s already been pulled into your sheet, here’s a guide on how.

For those missing categories, it’s possible you need to fix the rules for the data validation (drop-down menu.) Here’s a guide that should help.

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