Pull in Account Balances without Updating Transactions

Hi, I’ve been using Tiller for a few years now and I used to primarily use the Net Worth Sheet and Budget/Transactions sheet separately. Now they are pulled together in the foundations sheet which is causing some annoyance. I’m sure there is a simple solution here.

I’d like to be able to connect all my accounts and view the active balances to keep a aggregated view of net worth. However, for most of my investment accounts, I do not want to pull in all the unnecessary transactions of inflow and outflows and rebalances. This just clutters up my transactions sheet which I primarily use to actually track my expenses from credit cards and checking/savings accounts.

Is there a way to connect all my banks but only pull in transactions from certain accounts?

Thank you!

Because I am a simpleton, I do this the easiest way. I use conditional formatting on my transaction sheet. I categorize all the transactions from my investment accounts as “transfer” and then on the transaction sheet, I code all “transfers” to change the font color to the lightest gray. I can see they are there but they don’t clutter.