A way to update balances only, no transactions?

Hey folks. First off: I love Tiller and use it to completely replace Mint.com/Personal Capital. What I liked about those tools is having a single view of my finances, both daily transactions and for retirement investments.

I recently added my retirement accounts to Tiller and found that all the transactions from robo-investing are appearing periodically as my portfolio is shuffled around. This results in 10-20 investment transactions every month in my Tiller sheet that I don’t really care to know.

I searched for this in the forum and couldn’t find an answer. My question is: is there a way to only pull balances and don’t list transactions in Tiller?

I am aware of being able to mark accounts as hidden in the Accounts tab, but that appears to remove the account from the Balances tab, which is the opposite of what I want.

I don’t believe there is a way to just import balances. I get some similar transactions and I just delete them, but you’re right, it would be nice to be able to set some accounts to ‘balance only’. Maybe the console could have check boxes for ‘Balances’ and ‘Transactions’ for each account, or a drop down for one, the other, or both.


If I recall this is something that is in the works. Maybe @heather can confirm .

Prretty Please🙏

You could create a category for those investment transactions that you don’t want to see and then mark that category as Hide from Reports. Your Balances tab would still reflect the numbers you are looking for.

We recommend just using a “Transfer” type category for these transactions and then they won’t show on your monthly/yearly budgets. @martha.rudkin 's suggestion is a good one if you don’t want them showing on other reports but you can also just mark the Transfer type category as hide to keep it from showing on other reports.

I believe there is a feature request already out there for this functionality but it’s not something that we have on our short term roadmap as it’s a pretty big lift.

Thanks for the suggestions. I am less concerned about the numbers appearing in reports and more interested in removing the transactions altogether from the Transactions sheet.

Unfortunately it seems like there probably isn’t an easy workaround until the feature is implemented - glad to hear it’s on the roadmap at least.

If you’re CERTAIN you don’t want the transactions and it is a subset of the accounts in your Transactions sheet, @aux0, you could use AutoCat to tag transactions from specific accounts with a “Delete Me” category and then occasionally run a manual filter+purge process.

This scenario is exactly why I have Tiller populating multiple Google Sheets - three, in my case:

(1) All of my accounts: I rarely check the Transactions tab, but check the Balances tab to see my net worth. I also have manual accounts here for homes and vehicles, which I update twice a year or so.
(2) Day-to-day financial management: just my checking, savings, and credit card accounts. This is where I categorize transactions, manage budgets, and use Balances to see my working capital. This is the sheet I use most often.
(3) Investments: brokerage accounts, separated into taxable and non-taxable. This sheet shows all of my long-term assets, and no liabilities. This gives me a snapshot of savings progress toward retirement.

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What I end up doing to address this is to set up two parallel Google Sheets.
(1) For your bank and credit card data only: utilize the Transactions sheets + related sheets but NOT the Accounts and Balances sheets (hide those). Only categorize transactions in this sheet.
(2) For all your accounts (plus manual accounts such as vehicles and real estate): hide the Transactions sheet because there will be a lot of useless noise, but set up the Accounts and Balances sheets here. Only use this sheet to check on your net worth.

You can link the sheets together to quickly navigate from one to the other.

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Thanks for sharing your solutions to this riddle, @tenor12bucks and @Caroleen.