Do not import Account Transactions while keeping Account Balances

Is there a way to not import transactions for a certain account while still allowing the account’s balance to populate in a Tiller Spreadsheet?

I have a brokerage account that is linked to tiller. The account does 10-20 transactions a day. I don’t want any of these transactions to appear in my “Transactions” sheet. The problem is that I do want the account balance to still populate in the “Account Balances” sheet.

This is not an elegant (or maybe even acceptable) answer but … I don’t want to see my brokerage transactions either so I have a conditional formatting rule on my transactions sheet that says to make all the transactions from that account white. A poor man’s hiding, if you will.

Hah I like it. I was hoping for a solution to try and reduce the amount of data in the sheet to hopefully keep is from getting slow over time.

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Another option similar to this is to filter your transaction sheet by account. The transactions will be there, but you can hide them from the list.

Sort transactions sheet by account, then just delete those transactions. Delete how ever often you want.

I have mine set up to be auto categorized to a line that does not roll up into the budget, so they get coded to something so you dont get that alert on the budget page, but they essentially get hidden. I think at some point this was a request on the feature list, but I havent looked for it in a while.

Another option,@benito334, would be to link your brokerage account to a different spreadsheet and then use an IMPORTRANGE() function to pull the relevant balance data into your main sheet. If you wanted the value integrated with your Tiller template reporting, you’d have to get a little creative (e.g. like creating a dummy balance entry in Balance History with a link for the balance value).

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